Cast Chains

Chains are usually metal links or rings, which are mostly used for mechanical transmission and traction. A chain used to obstruct a passage of traffic (as in a street, at the entrance of a river or harbor), a chain used mechanically.

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What is a Cast Chain?

In general, a cast chain is a cast link that is resistant to wear, impact, heat and humidity. It is a viable alternative to welded steel chains. It can be used in a variety of applications, from high-performance vehicles to industrial gears. It’s also a good choice for dusty conditions.

In fact, the replacement of huzzle cast chain has been around for many years and play an important role in certain applications. It is made of cast links with heat-treated steel pins. They come in many forms and are readily available in the market. These linkages are designed to withstand the rigors of the road and can be adjusted to suit your machine’s needs.

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Stainless steel chain. As its name indicates, the main casting material is the stainless steel. It can be used in the high-temperature or low-temperature working condition because it has the excellent corrosion resistance. The main application fields include a lot of industries, such as chemical industry, food industry, processing industry and pharmaceutical industry.


Self-lubricating chain. The main material is a kind of special sintered metal. This metal is drenched with the lubricating oil. This chain has the good abrasion-proof and corrosion-proof properties. At the same time, it has the self-lubricating function and it is very convenient to use this chain. The working life is quite long on basis of the above-mentioned features. Generally speaking, it is often applicable for these working environments where the abrasion-proof requirement is high and the maintenance is not easy. The automatic production line in the food industry is a good example.


Rubber chain. The manufacturing method is different from other chains. Different rubbers are pasted on the U-shaped plate. Then, the rubber chain is formed. The used rubbers are mainly the natural rubber and the silicone rubber. This chain is characterized by the excellent abrasion-proof property, low noise and shockproof ability.

All in all

Fourth, high-tensile chain. It is a special roller chain. It is formed by means of improving the chain plate and axis pin. Compared with common chains, its tensile strength is higher, its anti-force capacity is better and its fatigue resistance is more excellent.
All in all, according to the above-mentioned introduction, we get a general idea about the common types of chains. Meanwhile, we know that different chains have their features and application situations. So when people select chains, they must know their specific working environments.


Cast Chains

Drive Chain

Conveyor Chain

Chain Basic Information

Chain includes four series: transmission chain; conveyor chain; drag chain; special professional chain. A series of often metal links or rings: chains used to obstruct passage of traffic (as in a street, river, or harbor entrance); chains used mechanically. The chain can be divided into short pitch precision roller chain; short pitch precision roller chain; heavy load transmission bending plate roller chain; cement machinery chain, plate chain; high strength chain.


According to different uses and functions, the chain can be divided into four types: transmission chain, conveying chain, traction chain and special chain.


1. Transmission chain: it is mainly used to transmit power.
2. Conveyor chain: it is mainly used for conveying materials.
3. Traction chain: mainly used for traction and lifting chain.
4. Special chain: it is mainly used in special mechanical device and has special function and structure.


“Drive chain”

A series short pitch precision roller chains for transmission
B series short pitch precision roller chain for transmission
Short pitch precision roller chain for heavy series transmission

“Conveyor chain”

Short pitch precision roller conveyor chain
Double pitch roller conveyor chain
Long pitch conveyor chain
Flat top chain for conveying

“Types and Characteristics of Chain”

In our daily life, people can see the chain in many places. Chain is one of the common driving equipment. It works very simply. The chain improves the transmission efficiency by reducing the energy loss in the process of power transmission. Generally speaking, the chain drive is mainly used in the situation of high power and low speed. Only in these cases, this kind of chain drive can have obvious advantages.

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